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Honouring Our Past

We’ve always been proud to serve our customers the finest formulations for skin and hair developed with natural ingredients and the most advanced technologies.

It was an honour to celebrate in 2021 the 170th anniversary of a family venture that started on the corner of 13th Street and Third Avenue in New York City’s East Village.

1962 Andy Warhol

Did You Know?

Classics in the Making

In 1962, Kiehl’s Pharmacy began introducing bold new products such as Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner, Blue Astringent Lotion (loved by Andy Warhol), Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1, and Ultra Facial Moisturiser – all among our bestsellers today.


Experience Our Iconic Concoctions

“This is a special moment for us to celebrate the formulas beloved by our customers over the Kiehl’s generations. Scents can transport us to a delightful journey back in time, and we invite you to experience our heritage first-hand with some of our iconic concoctions.”

“Enjoy a selection of the intoxicating and sought-after essence oils offered in our apothecary during the 1920s, our classic skin-soothing rosewater toner originally introduced in the 1960’s, and our gently refreshing glycerin bars heralded throughout the 1980s.”

-         Cammie Cannella, VP of Global Education

Heritage Line


1921 Kiehl's Heritage

Did You Know?

In 1921, Mr. Irving More, John Kiehl’s apprentice, took over the business and sold the first-ever Kiehl’s products, including Original Musk Oil – our signature scent Inspired by the fortune-drawing tinctures from that time, our limited-edition Essence Oils have been reimagined in three enticing aromas.

Heritage Line
Finest Rose Kiehl's
Kiehl's Rose Water Toner

Rosewater Toner

Soothing with a fresh aroma to hydrate and balance for smooth, petal-soft skin.

1962 Kiehl's Heritage

Did You Know?

Inspired by our collection of Rosewater Toners from the 1960s, our skin-softening formula is infused with imported rosewater and sustainably sourced whole Turkish rose petals – handpicked from the “rose garden of the world.”

Heritage Line
Simply Superior Clean
Kiehl's Soap

Glycerin Soaps

Available in Fresh Herbal and Unscented; formulated to luxuriously lather and lift away dirt.

1994 Kiehl's Soap

Did You Know?

Originally formulated in the 1990s and made with natural Glycerin and Feverfew to effectively cleanse skin with a fresh feel, our pure soaps have been reimagined in limited-edition apothecary wrapping.

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