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Recycle and Be Rewarded

Recycle And Be Rewarded With Kiehl's

We use post-consumer recycled materials whenever possible, and reuse and recycle in our stores. We encourage our patrons to do the same and recycle their empties through our Recycle and Be Rewarded program.

Did you know Recycle and Be Rewarded at Kiehl's
Recycle and Be Rewarded at Kiehl's 1
Recycle and Be Rewarded at Kiehl's 2
Recycle and Be Rewarded at Kiehl's 3
Do Your Part to Recycle and Be Rewarded at Kiehl's

NEW! Recycle and Be Rewarded is now part of Kiehl’s Family Rewards. Return your empty Kiehl's products to one of our recycling hubs at your nearest store to unlock points and rewards.

Enroll in our Family Rewards loyalty program here
Bring in your full size empties to any Kiehl’s store (nearest store here)
Earn 15 points per empty recycled! Let our staff know you are a Family Rewards member in-store

= 15 points in our new Family Rewards loyalty programme

= 150 points. 120 points unlocks a £10 voucher for you to use against 1 full price item in your next purchase.

If you are in-store, you can still use the voucher against a complimentary travel size product of your choice worth up to £9.75. On, min. spend of £10 applies to use the voucher.

Recycle and Be Rewarded at Kiehl's
Find a Store to Recycle and Be Rewarded at Kiehl's

We've got you covered, we are now offering an online recycling service to allow our patrons to recycle their empty products from home!

Recycle and Be Rewarded at Kiehl's Step 1

Organise your free collection service by requesting a label below.

Recycle and Be Rewarded at Kiehl's Step 2

Have your products ready for collection by placing all empty packaging in a recyclable cardboard box or envelope.

Recycle and Be Rewarded at Kiehl's Step 3

You will be notified by email and your empty skin cares will be collected.

What can I Recycle and Be Rewarded for at Kiehl's

Please read the below guidelines carefully before recycling your empty products

If you are recycling online, to help reduce emissions please wait until you have at least 5 products before requesting collection

Accepted Waste at Kiehl's


- All Kiehl's product packaging

- All brands of body and skincare plastic packaging (bodylotions, face creams, serums, sun creams, cleansers and face mask treatments)

Rejected Waste at Kiehl's


- Sample Sachet Packaging

- Outer packaging and plastic wrapping

- Makeup products or brushes

- Fragrance or perfume bottles

- Other brands of body/hand wash, deodorant, bath/hair product packaging which aren't Kiehl's

- Other brands of glass skincare packaging which are not Kiehl's



Hubbub are an environmental charity that designs campaigns that inspire ways of living that are good for the environment. They look at new and creative ways to raise awareness, encourage people to think differently about a topic and empower people to take practical everyday actions that make a difference.


In the UK we get through a massive 13bn plastic bottles, 9bn cans and 3bn coffee cups every year, much of which doesn’t get recycled. In The Loop is Hubbub's collaborative campaign to tackle this issue by making it easy for people to recycle when out and about. As well as providing effective new infrastructure of recycling bins, In The Loop uses creative communications and eye-catching installations to nudge behaviours.


80% of ocean plastics come from land and rivers. Hubbub have started the Plastic Fishing campaign to clear our waterways. We volunteered as part of this campaign, working with Hubbub to collect litter and recyclable plastic from London’s docklands. We set sail on Vitamin Sea, one of the world’s first 99% recycled plastic boats, created using Kiehl’s empty products.


Want to see Plastic Fishing in action? Watch the video to see the Kiehl’s team doing their bit.


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