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Kiehl's Retinol Micro-Dose


NEW Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum


Retinol is not only for older skin! This potent ingredient can be incorporated into any skincare routine. This is precisely why we recommend incorporating our anti-wrinkle serum with Retinol into any skincare routine, even before visible signs of ageing appear, to see anti-ageing benefits with a minimised likelihood of discomforting side effects including redness, dryness and peeling.

It’s Not Uncommon to Experience Visible Retinol Side Effects ​

While Retinol won’t thin the skin, it’s not uncommon to experience Retinol side effects when you incorporate some Retinol skincare products into your routine. Potential discomforting effects may include peeling, dryness, tightness and redness. ​

However, Kiehl’s chemists have expertly designed a Retinol formula that is specifically designed to minimise the likelihood of these discomforting effects! Our Retinol Skin- Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum is precisely formulated to deliver visible benefits with minimal discomfort.

Retinol side effects aren’t inherently a bad sign, in fact — there’s a time period known as the retinization period where it’s common for skin to experience discomfort while your skin adjusts to the Retinol product, especially common within the first two weeks of use. However, you also don’t have to experience these Retinol side effects to know that your Retinol formula is working:

Our Formula for Less Fear Of Discomfort

90%* of users agree skin feels comfortable while using our anti-wrinkle serum with Retinol. This is thanks to our patent-pending micro-dose formula that delivers visible anti-ageing benefits and helps promote a stronger skin barrier function to prioritise skin’s tolerance of Pure Retinol.

Pure Retinol is the most efficacious form of Retinol to look for as opposed to more mild forms such as Retinol compounds, but, especially for first-time Retinol users, higher percentages of Pure Retinol can also increase the likelihood of Retinol side effects. At Kiehl’s, we’ve developed a technology that delivers a precise dosage of potent Pure Retinol. Our formulation is designed to improve the appearance of skin ageing without the discomfort:

Kiehl’s Advanced Micro-Dose Pure Retinol Technology

With our micro-dose Retinol formula, you’ll see improvement in the key signs of skin ageing with minimal risk of discomfort, even during the first two weeks when discomfort is typically the most common.

Our micro-dose Retinol formula works by topically delivering a balanced amount of Pure Retinol. ​

Our gentle formulation steadily promotes skin renewal and gradually addresses signs of visible skin ageing. The patent-pending formulation makes it easy for you to incorporate our Retinol formula into your daily routine. Our serum also contains Ceramides and helps fortify the skin barrier, buffer skin against dryness and minimise discomfort. ​

Your Daytime Retinol Routine

For your daytime routine, we recommend an ultra-hydrating moisturiser such as our best-selling facial cream and an efficacious facial sunscreen such as our facial sunscreen with SPF 50+. We always highly recommend you finish your daily skincare routine with a sunscreen! ​

Your Nighttime Retinol Routine

If applying our anti-wrinkle serum with Retinol at night, we recommend following with one of our moisturisers or facial oils such as our Lavender-enriched nighttime facial oil.

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