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The skin is not only the largest organ of the body, it’s also one of the most important. It works hard every day to protect your body from harmful bacteria and UV rays. Taking care of your skin is key to helping it do its job properly. As all skin types are different and have different needs, there’s no one size fits all approach to achieving this though. We recommend booking a skin consultation to find out more about your skin type, what products you should use and more.

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What happens at a skin consultation?

A personalised skincare routine needs a personalised consultation with a skincare expert. Enjoying some one-to-one time with a skin expert online or in-store can help to take the guesswork out of glowing skin by helping you to discover your skin type, how to target any skin conditions and how to achieve your skin goals – whether that’s a clearer complexion or radiant younger-looking skin.  

What can you expect from an online skincare consultation?

A live Kiehl’s video consultation from the comfort of your own home can not only save you time but help keep skin problems at bay. If you need some skin support but your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to pop into your nearest store, this is the expert advice you need. You can book a one-to-one online skin consultation here. Our 30-minute sessions give you the opportunity to receive advice on skin concerns, trending ingredients to look out for and product recommendations for your specific skin type. You’ll also receive exclusive offers and receive 20 My Kiehl's Rewards points when you attend a consultation. Points for skin consultations can be awarded a maximum of four times a year. Learn more here.

Why choose an in-store skin consultation?

You can expect the same impressive knowledge from an in-store skin whisperer as you can online. If you prefer to try products by feeling their texture, and weight and even giving them a smell before purchasing, you may prefer to choose a consultation at a store and time of your choice instead. Our in-store skincare experts can help to create a tailormade skincare routine right before your eyes with some handy product demonstrations (and samples!).

What is bespoke skincare?

Just like you, your skin is unique and has different demands from that of your friends. Your age, skin type, hormones and gender can all contribute to your skin’s needs. There are a number of external factors that can also affect your skin’s happiness, from the weather to sun exposure and even how often you wash your face. Your skin is also constantly changing, and therefore its needs can change too. That’s where a bespoke skincare routine and regular skincare consultations to target any changing needs come in. Whether you’re concerned about congested skin, winter dryness, keeping oily skin shine-free during the summer or soothing and healing a compromised skin barrier function, our experts can create a skincare routine just for you, from your cleanser to your night cream.

How much is a Kiehl’s skin consultation?

We waited to tell you the best bit. Our one-to-one appointments, whether online or in-store, are complimentary. We love to share our skincare know-how. What’s more, if you’re signed up to receive our My Kiehl's Rewards, you’ll earn 20 points for each in-store or virtual consultation you have with one of our experts (up to four per year). More points mean more perks too, such as complimentary shipping and treats to help you celebrate your birthday.

If a skincare consultation is not for you, try our Instant Skin Reader. Our expert tool has been developed with dermatologists and provides you with an in-depth skin analysis, revealing your skin strengths and priorities. You’ll receive a tailored skincare routine recommendation, personalised to you. Click here to receive your skin analysis now. 

You may also want to try our Healthy Skin Routine Finder. It will ask you a number of questions to get to know you, your skin type and your skin goals better, and then draw on the knowledge of our Kiehl’s skincare experts and more than 800 possible outcomes to recommend a skincare range and routine that’s right for you. Click here to find your routine. 

Book your Kiehl’s skin consultation with a skincare expert today in-store and online.

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