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Ultra Facial Moisturizer

Our famous Ultra Facial Moisturizer is a light yet effective lotion that leaves skin feeling soft and nurtured. Formulated for all skin types, with Squalane, Vitamins A and Vitamin E.

  • Our famous Ultra Facial Moisturizer is a light yet effective lotion that leaves skin feeling soft and nurtured.
  • Formulated for all skin types, with Squalane, Vitamins A and Vitamin E.
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Ultra Facial Moisturizer - Hydration
Ultra Facial Moisturizer 4.9 5 8 8
Lovely My new 'go to' brand! Bought this with the ultra facial cleanser and my skin looks and feels fantastic. Love it. 10/11/13
Amazing product I did this recommend this to a friend, my daughter actually and she loves it, the difference in her instantly was amazing, much smoother, much more hydrated and more even skin tone, as she continued to use it the effect just got better, you only need a tiny amount and once a day. I've since moved on to more anti aging creams but would recommend this product to anyone who is under 30. 29/10/13
Makes dry to normal skin look dewy & fresh! Used this for a week after receiving a sachet of it with a purchase. I have combination skin (oily t-zone and dry cheeks) and the moisturiser was great for the dry areas on my face. But unfortunately, the oily areas only got oilier. Nevertheless, I went down to the kiehl's store at stratford westfield to purchase a bottle (I decided the pros overweighed the cons), but the sales lady told me that this is actually one of their oilier products. The consistency of it is rather oily, so I guess she was right about that. So this isn't very suitable for me as I've already got oily skin on most areas on face, which was disappointing to hear as I really liked how it made my cheeks look all dewy and fresh! If you've got dry to normal skin, I definitely would recommend using this product as a daily moisturiser as it truly makes your skin look moist and not oily. But if you've got combination to oily skin like me, I'd reckon the oil-free lotion would be a better option! 17/08/13
Worth borrowing! I've been 'borrowing' this from my wife ever since I found it was much better than the men's moisturiser I had been using. From a bloke's point of view- it's not as thick as some creams and once you've put it on, you really don't notice it's there. No longer do us chaps have to deal with strange shiny faces! I've just persuaded my wife to order an extra-large bottle next time. 14/06/13
Excellent moisturiser, even for older skin My son gave me a gift of Kiehl's bath products which included a 30ml sample of Ultra Facial Moisturiser. I found that a very small amount made my skin feel plump and smooth, and on the strength of that trial, I have purchased my first full-sized bottle. I was very impressed with the price, it seems very good value. I am looking forward to beautiful, hydrated skin. 02/05/13
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Antarcticine (Glacial Glycoprotein Extract)

Antarcticine (Glacial Glycoprotein Extract)

Pronunciation : ant-ARK-tuh-seen

Antarcticine, sourced from Antarctica, is a glycoprotein* that has demonstrated many unique benefits when used in skincare formulas. With superb dryness preventing properties whilst shielding against free-radicals. The organic substance thrives in the most extreme environmental conditions as a result of the cryoprotective (protection against freezing) properties of the molecule.<br> <br> *A glycoprotein is a macromolecule composed of a protein and a carbohydrate (an oligosaccharide).

Imperata Cylindrica (Desert Plant Extract)

Imperata Cylindrica (Desert Plant Extract)

Pronunciation : im-per-AH-duh suh-LIN-dri-kuh

The Imperata Cylindrica plant thrives in dry, excessively saline environments and is native to many of Earth’s deserts, but is especially prolific in the Australian Outback. Imperata Cylindrica’s roots contain high concentrations of potassium which provides an immediate and lasting hydrating effect. It is believed that indigenous Australians of centuries past used the desert plant as a substitute for salt, due to its high saline content.

This light yet effective lotion offers moisturisation, helping skin feel soft and conditioned. A favourite with makeup artists for its versatility and lightweight formula!

Massage a small amount onto freshly-cleansed skin, avoiding the immediate eye area.