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When it comes to skincare, have you considered the use of clay masks? ​

Make no mistake, there are an awful lot of benefits to using clay masks for your skin – no matter your skin type – as they make your skin look great and make you feel great too! From drawing out impurities to reducing excess surface oil, there are many ways in which our clay masks could benefit you. Why not give them a try?


So, where do we begin with the various clay mask benefits? 

1) One big advantage is that using a clay mask helps to draw out impurities. As you go through your day, everything from oil and dirt to dead skin can start to build up on the surface of your skin, potentially leading to breakouts and blemishes. Our clay masks exfoliate and reduce the appearance of pores, getting rid of these unwelcome impurities and leaving skin feeling clean. 

2) Clay masks help to reduce the appearance of breakouts. Even by using a clay mask just a couple of times a week, you can minimise the appearance of your pores and purified-feeling skin. Our clay masks are gentle too, so you can use them with sensitive skin. Enjoy a soothed and hydrated skin feel with no irritation! ​

3) As clay masks slough away dead skin too, your face will feel fresher, and you’ll have a smoother-looking complexion. You won’t only feel wonderful but are sure to look great too.


4) Clay masks are particularly good for oily skin, as they reduce excess surface oil. Using a clay mask as part of your routine for oily skin types, you can give your skin more of a matte appearance with less shine. Oily skin has a number of potential causes, including a loss of moisture, and a clay mask will help you readdress the balance a little.

5) Another big benefit of using a clay mask is that it looks after your face even when wearing a face mask. With face masks becoming part of daily life for many of us, more people are experiencing an increase in blemishes typically appearing along the jawline, mouth area and cheeks. This is known as “Maskne”. Our clay masks help treat it if/when it appears by cleansing surface-level buildup and drawing out impurities. 

Our best clay mask for skin ​

Our best clay mask is our Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask. It’s made using Amazonian clay, sourced from the mouth of the Amazon river itself, and purifies and detoxifies your skin feel, giving you the treatment you deserve. Amazonian white clay, also known as “Magic Earth” has been used for centuries by the peoples of the Amazon, and it’s both mineral-rich and extremely porous.

Once you’ve cleansed your face and left your skin a little damp, just apply a thin layer, being sure to avoid your eyes. Then, just let it dry for about ten minutes – sit back and relax! When it’s dry, remove the mask gently using a warm, damp towel, and then pat your face dry. Yes, it’s really as simple as that. 

You can use your clay mask as part of a wider routine. If you’ve got oily skin, it’s an important part of the oily skin routine, but it’s also a valuable part of routines for clearer-looking skin, and more general self-care routines too. You may want to use it alongside some of our other pore minimising products – why not use our Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser beforehand, for example?


Not only does this clay mask benefit you, it’s also good for the planet! It’s important that we focus on more sourcing ingredients for our products more responsibly, and this creamy clay mask uses responsibly-sourced ingredients. Find out more about our vision for a Future Made Better. ​

Speak to one of our skincare experts by booking a complimentary in-store or live video consultation. If you’re tight for time and still want to learn more about which products are suitable for you, try our Instant Skin Reader and receive a skincare analysis, or try our Healthy Skin Routine Finder.​

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