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It’s important to protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Our high protection sun care products can be among your first line of defence, providing non-greasy protection. But take care, as sunscreen isn’t as effective if it’s not applied properly. Enjoy the sun safely with our sun cream application tips.

Where To Apply Sun Cream

You should apply sun cream all over. Here are the four key areas to remember: head and neck, shoulders and arms, torso (front and back) and legs (front and back). Protruding areas such as the shoulders, chest and nose may need a little extra attention, as they are always in direct sun light. Don’t forget these commonly missed areas: ears, back of neck and scalp. If you have fine hair or a prominent parting, apply sun cream to your scalp to keep it protected.

How Much Sun Cream To Apply

With sprays, lotions and creams on offer, every product is different, but it’s important to apply enough to cover your skin. As a rough guide, it’s recommended that you apply at least two teaspoons of sun cream to your face and arms, and at least two table spoons to larger areas like the legs and the rest of the body. You want it to form a barrier, so smooth the sun cream onto your skin for maximum effect.

When To Apply Sunscreen

Apply your sun cream before you leave the house. Be sure to reapply every few hours, especially if you’ve been swimming. Some waterproof sun creams are sweat and water resistant. We would also like to highlight that at Kiehl’s our SPF products are to be applied as the last product to your skincare regime.

How To Apply Sun Cream To The Face

Sun cream application should be the final step in your facial skin care routine. Our Vitamin E enriched Activated Sun Protector for Face is a highly nourishing facial sunscreen, meaning there’s no need for any additional moisturiser but additional reapplication is suggested around every 4 hours. Alternatively, try our lightweight best-selling Ultra Light Daily Defense SPF 50 and reapply regularly throughout the day. If you’re using makeup on top, wait at least five minutes for the sunscreen to set.

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