Join us and John Legend as we support
environmental causes around the world.


In partnership with John Legend, for each Limited Edition Design Rare Earth Masque 50ml sold, £5 will be donated to our charity partner Hubbub.*

The money raised will go towards the creation of a recycled plastic boat. The boat will take people ‘Plastic Fishing’ in London’s Docklands, raising awareness of plastic pollution and cleaning up the waterways. The boat will be 99% recycled plastic, including empty Kiehl’s products collected in-store as well as bottles rescued from London’s docks.

In London alone, 300 tonnes of rubbish are cleared from the Thames each year. 80% of this comes from the land. It ends up harming marine life both here and out at sea.

To date, over 1500 people have come plastic fishing and collected 1788 plastic bottles and 185 kgs of recyclable plastic.

After plastic fishing, 90% pledged not to buy a plastic bottle for a month.

Discover How We Built The Boat

STEP 1. Plastic for the recycled punt was sourced from bottles and recyclable plastic collected by Hubbub during Plastic Fishing trips in London's Docklands and recyclable Kiehl’s packaging collected in store.

STEP 2. The collected plastic was delivered, via our partner Paper Round, to the Plaswood facility in Scotland, which take deliveries of plastic from all over the UK.

STEP 3. Plaswood mixes the collected plastic with plastic agricultural waste before it shreds, washes and melts the plastic to turn it into Plaswood planks. Plaswood is heavier, more long-lasting and requires much less maintenance than timber – and it’s completely recyclable at end of life.

STEP 4. The challenge of turning these heavy Plaswood planks into a floating boat is given to master boatbuilder Mark Edwards MBE who built the Royal Barge Gloriana. The final boat weighs a tonne - but can also carry a tonne!

STEP 5. Over two months, Mark is building the punt in his workshop in Richmond London, usually used to make traditional wooden boats. As Mark is committed to ensuring the boat is as sustainable as possible, it is being built to be powered with an electric solar engine. 

Check back soon to follow our journey.

*Kiehl’s UK will donate £35,640 to Hubbub by donating £5 from each Limited Edition Design Rare Earth Masque 50ml sold from a UK Kiehl’s store/counter or online at

Registered Charity Number 1158700

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