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How to repair a damaged skin barrier function

While you may have read about products that replenish and protect your skin barrier function – you may even own some – do you even know what it does and why it’s important? It’s time to find out why your skin barrier function is important and how you can keep it healthy.


Why is your skin’s moisture barrier so important?

As its name suggests, the skin’s moisture barrier is your first line of defence against external threats. It consists of the epidermis, which is made up of five layers including the outermost layer of your skin known as the stratum corneum. This has your skin’s toughest job, protecting your body. When it is at its healthiest, it will keep bad things like UV exposure and pathogens out and good things like moisture in. It’s made up of lipids (oils), fatty acids and ceramides, which it needs to function properly.


What can damage your skin barrier function?

Your skin barrier function is faced with a number of external and internal threats on a daily basis. Allergens, irritants and pollutants may all pose a threat, alongside the weather and too much sun exposure. Aside from environmental threats, your lifestyle and age can also impact if your skin barrier function is in good health. Your skin thins with age and a thinner barrier is a weaker one. Over-exfoliation and over-washing as well as using the wrong skincare products can all strip your skin of moisture and disrupt its barrier function.


How can you tell if your skin barrier is damaged?

A healthy skin barrier function will retain moisture and stay hydrated, which will help it to also look younger and more radiant. An impaired moisture barrier function will do the opposite and can leave you with a tight, dry and dull-looking complexion.


What products can help to keep your skin barrier function healthy?

To avoid weakening your skin barrier function avoid harsh, stripping skincare and stock up on ceramide-rich products and hydrating formulas. A healthy barrier is a hydrated one.

As ineffective cleansing can also compromise your skin barrier, use a gentle but efficient cleanser. Centella Sensitive Facial Cleanser is our mildest cleanser and it’s no-rinse formula removes dirt and impurities while soothing the skin, leaving it feeling clean and comforted.


What other products can help to keep it healthy?

For a targeted dose of hydration to help fortify your skin’s barrier function, our Super Serum contains hydrating glycerin and our smallest form of low molecular hyaluronic acid to penetrate as many as eight of the skin’s surface layers and help it to better retain moisture* (*stratum corneum). To lock in that all-important moisture, seal in your serum with a layer of Ultra Facial Cream. Formulated with glacial glycoprotein and squalane, it provides up to 24-hour hydration even in extreme humidity.

To help soothe skin that feels sensitive as a result of impaired skin barrier function, apply our Skin Rescuer to clean skin morning and night. It reduces the visible signs of stress on skin and fortifies the skin barrier function, helping to protect against daily stressors.

Finally, don’t forget the SPF for your skin type. Wearing daily sunscreen and protection from UV rays is the easiest way to protect your skin barrier function.


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