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Oily Skin KCR Recommended Products


Saffia Kiehl’s Customer Representative from our Nottingham store shares her tips and favourite products for Oily skin types.

“Oily skin is a top concern for many of my customers and there are lots of different factors that can cause oily skin, from genetics to the environment to hormonal changes.
I always used to think my oily skin was dirty and used to over clean and scrub when in fact this was only adding to my problem. Trying to get rid of all the oil is not the solution but it’s about a balanced approached and this includes finding a suitable skincare routine specifically created for an oily skin type as they will help to remove oil and help to maintain a shine free complexion throughout the day. Below is my serum and moisturiser recommendation which will help keep the excess oil at bay whilst staying hydrated”.

Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate: “After cleansing and toning apply the serum over entire face (avoiding the eye area). As the formula blends into the skin, you may experience a feeling of warmth. This is a personal favourite of mine and has dramatically changed not only the radiant look of my skin but hydration and smoothness. This new formula now includes as much as 12.5% Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid which is an ingredients our customers asks me about a lot.”

Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream: “Apply a thin layer of our lightweight cream to help oily skin retain well-needed moisture without drying your skin. This cream is a must for me and it helps control the excess oil and shine and for. I simply apply twice a day with a small pea sized amount.”

Dry Skin KCR Recommended Products


Gillian Kiehl’s Customer Representative from our Covent Garden store shares her expertise and essential moisturisers to help combat dry skin.

“A top concern for many of my customers, dry and dehydrated skin, especially during change of seasons.
Firstly I want to explain the difference between Dry skin and Dehydrated skin. Dry skin can be caused due to a lack of oil and dehydrated skin is often a lack of moisture. One thing that often surprise my customers as well is that oily skin can also be dehydrated.
Dehydration is a concern that can affect us all, any age and any skin type. Our busy lifestyles are not designed to give us that lovely youthful plumpness we all want in our skin. To keep skin hydrated it’s important to ensure a healthy balanced complexion. Dry skin can often feel tight and uncomfortable after cleansing or throughout the day, so it is essential to use products packed with hydrating properties. This will not only soothe the skin but help any further products like makeup apply better. Also don’t forget to regularly apply a hydrating body moisturiser for head to toe hydration, our Crème de Corps is super nourishing!"

Hydro-Plumping Retexturing Serum Concentrate: “For those with dry skin I always recommend to start with our Hydro-Plumping Retexturing Serum Concentrate. This is an essential in any routine and it’s a product to specifically target that imbalance and intensely hydrate the skin to help deliver that smooth dewy look. This product is formulated with a 15% concentration of Glycerin, known for its moisture attraction properties, and Shiso Leaf Extract, which helps to retain moisture within the skin’s surface layers.”

Ultra Facial Deep Moisturiser Balm: “I can’t live without this formula! The Ultra Facial Deep Moisturiser Balm, will help reinforce your skins natural barrier function.
It’s super hydrating, creamy almost buttery moisturiser which melts into the skin like a hydration blanket. Ultra Facial Deep Moisturiser Balm contains some of our favourite and most used ingredients: Squalene derived from olives, Antarcticine a Glycoprotein and Glycerine.”

Blemish Prone Skin KCR Recommended Products


Paul Kiehl’s Customer Representative from Liberty London store shares his expertise about Blemish Prone skin and our Blue Herbal Collection.

“Blemish and breakout prone skin can be frustrating and can appear at any time. There are often multiple factors to why this is happening and it can actually effect both dry and oily skin types. Our classic Blue Herbal Collection is a formula ideal for tackling blemish prone skin and is formulated with a mix of Salicylic Acid and Cinnamon Bark Extract. A reason why I love this formula so much is because it’s very efficacious in caring for your skin and helping to prevent future blemishes without leaving your skin feeling dried out – and did you know it’s been around since 1964!"

Blue Herbal Blemish Cleanser Treatment: “Start with our cleanser – our Blue Herbal Blemish Cleanser Treatment is a great one for keeping pores clean and to help the look of future breakouts and blackheads. To cleanse, start by wetting the face and work product into a lather and massage into skin, avoiding the eye area and rinse well. The formula is designed to be used twice a day and helps purify pores and remove traces of dirty and oil.”

Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion: “To follow step 1, moisten a cotton pad with this herbal lotion and apply on the skin in areas where needed. This formula containing witch hazel, camphor and menthol and will help absorb any excess oil and combat shine."

Dark Circles KCR Recommended Products


Hinisha Kiehl’s Customer Representative from Debenhams Leicester shares her eye care routine to prevent the look of dark circles under the eye area.

“Having a busy lifestyle can have an adverse effect on your skin, particularly around your eyes. Lack of sleep and stress can increase the appearance of fine lines and dark circles; both which can be difficult to conceal. Dark circles is a top skin concern I have myself but it's also a common concern amongst my customers so I'm going to share my products recommendation with you.
To help reduce the effects of these concerns, my two favourite products are the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado for the day and our new Youth Dose Eye Treatment for the evening. The reason for why I'm using two different eye creams is because our skin is naturally designed to protect itself in the day and repair itself over night.”

Morning Routine: Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado – “This product is enriched with Avocado oil and Beta Carotene which helps help hydrate the skin around the eyes. Use a rice grain amount for each eye, and warm the product using your fingertips. Once it’s changed to a water consistency, apply and gently press it around the eyes. Unknown to many, you should not use this product on the actual eye but around the orbital bone here and from the inner to the outer corners of your eye area.”

Night Routine: Youth Dose Eye Treatment - This product contains Pro-Retinol, Vitamin C and Grapeseed Extract and the formula is designed to help to improve the look of wrinkles and dark circles. To use this product, apply three dots around the eye with the applicator and dab it gently into the skin. The light formula melts into the skin, which instantly smoothest and brightens the look of the delicate eye area.

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