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Dora Gandy’s Christmas Mission

in support of Wild at Heart Foundation

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Wild at Heart Foundation was set up by acclaimed florist Nikki Tibbles with a goal to compassionately reduce the world's 600 million stray dog problem. Wild at Heart Foundation achieves this by supporting rescue projects, neutering programmes, awareness campaigns and education initiatives all over the world, including #AdoptDontShop, a global call to adopt rescued animals who need a loving home. Nikki resides in London with her family and six adopted dogs: Lenny, Smith, Tia, Ronnie, Ruby and Rita. You can support Wild at Heart Foundation by making a donation at: www.wildatheartfoundation.org/donate/



Kiehl’s was founded as an old-world apothecary in New York's East Village over 165 years ago with a unique blend of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal and medicinal knowledge developed over generations. As a brand, Kiehl's is committed to finding better ways to do business and to give back to the community. Kiehl’s founding family member Aaron Morse wrote the "Mission of Kiehl’s." where he committed the company and staff to the objective of "making for better citizens, better firms, and better communities." Kiehl’s is proud to partner with Wild at Heart foundation to raise awareness around #AdoptDontShop and continues to play a responsible role alongside our customers through civic, philanthropic and environmental initiatives in our local communities.

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