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Anna Edit On Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

Me and the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream go way back. It’s one of the first products that I ever used from the brand and it’s what I turn to every single morning to deliver a base-friendly dose of hydration that leaves me looking glowy as hell.

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I first used it when I began a deep-dive into skincare back in the early 2010’s, when I realised that just splashing my face with some water in the morning and then piling on makeup wasn’t cutting it for my complexion anymore. Gone were my carefree teenage days and I needed something rich to nourish and something to protect on a daily basis. My skin needed me to step up and the Ultra Facial Cream did exactly that and quickly became a favourite in my skincare routine.

Anna Edit Ultra Facial Cream

It’s a cult-classic and I’m telling you - believe the hype. You’ve seen the little pot in many a skincare cupboard for good reason. It’s no-nonsense and it delivers. You want moisture? Glow? Smoothness? YOU NEED THIS. I take a pea-size amount and warm the product between my palms before pressing it and massaging it into the skin; leaving a non-tacky, hydrated base for anything that I wish to apply next.

Ultra Facial Cream

So I was well and truly hooked years ago, but it’s not just me that’s riding the Kiehl’s love train. My husband is so darn picky when it comes to the skincare that he likes to use (and it took me a solid five years just to convince him to use a moisturiser full stop in the morning), but this is the one product that when it runs out he brings me the empty tub and asks to add it to my shopping list. My friends who live abroad in colder climate love it, my best mate loves it, my best mate’s sister loves it; it’s a much-adored product in my family and social circles.

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The big pull for me is that it’s a great everyday product. The formula feels balancing for my complexion; whether I’m having day where I’m more dry, or oiler. It provides moisture without feeling heavy, greasy or tacky. I really enjoy the SPF 30 version too for daily use, especially during the summer. It does a brilliant job of providing protection without feeling like you have anything on your skin.

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I always make sure that I have a tub of Ultra Facial Cream in my bag whenever I travel. The good news is that it now comes in a flight-friendly 28ml travel size. I have been known to rub a little into my cuticles and on my hands too - it’s a great multi-tasker.

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Although the formula works perfectly well over summer, it’s the winter when Ultra Facial Cream really comes into it’s own. My face isn’t naturally the most hydrated complexion out there and the wind and cold can make it feel super sensitive. NICE. However an application of Ultra Facial Cream every morning, keeps these issues at bay and instead I look glowing; come rain, or snow.

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