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Amelia Liana Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Ideas With Amelia Liana

When it comes to gift giving in my family it goes without saying that everyone looks to me for beauty related presents. Even before I started my blog, my family and friends would always look to me for recommendations and advice on current products or thoughts about new products that hit the market. With Christmas rapidly approaching, I thought I’d share some of my shopping tips with you and hope it gives you some inspiration for yours!

Gifts for Dog


I always take Duke on daily walks in the park which can definitely get wet and dirty in London (especially in the winter). I’m always looking for a product that is quick and easy for his coat as it’s something that can get particularly dirty in the city!

Gifts For Dog

Kiehl’s recently launched these amazing Cuddly Coat Grooming products which I am totally in love with and are fantastic to have on hand. The Cleansing Spritz is perfect for when I’m on the go as it will give Duke’s coat a quick refresh with a healthy looking shine. I have to admit washing Duke isn’t my favourite activity as it’s usually quite a task to get him to stay still and not shake off all over me! I know that the Cuddly Coat Shampoo and Conditioner give him a proper clean, get rid of all the mud and dirty and leave him smelling amazing…so much so I bury my face in his fur afterwards!

Gifts for Dad


My dad is a ‘no muss no fuss’ kind of guy so products that have a duo purpose and get the job done are his go to! I’ve been using the Rare Earth Daily Pore Cleanser recently and its been an amazing purifying quick wash for my skin! I think this would be perfect for him to try out as it’s formulated with aloe vera and is a lovely soft cleanser to start or end the day with..

Boyfriend Gifts


My boyfriend has a more regimented routine he likes to stick to, so incorporating new products tends to be a little harder! He has quite fair skin so the Facial Fuel which has SPF in it would be a great core product to include into this! This moisturiser has SPF 15 which protects against UV rays and the formula is super hydrating. It’s the perfect energizing boost to use on his skin in the mornings!

Mum Gift Midnight Recovery Oil


My mum has always been a fan of skincare oils and has heard me talk non stop about the Midnight Recovery Oil which was a game changer for me! I use a few drops every night which makes my skin feel and look more radiant and toned in the morning. The formula has both lavender and primrose oil and it smells incredible, so I will definitely be giving one to her this year!

Mum Gift Creme De Corps

Winter in London always leaves my skin feeling dry and dehydrated so I always want to keep my skin moisturised. The Creme de Corps Whipped Body Butter is to die for, it melts into your skin and absorbs really quickly. It’s the perfect rescue for dry skin and I’m hoping that my mum agrees!

Stocking Filler Gifts


I’m a big lover of stockings and is a tradition that we have stuck to ever since I was little. I also love seeing them around the house as it makes it look so festive and cosy. The travel size products are perfect for this, or even to give as Christmas gifts to friends and colleagues! I personally love the Multitask Travel Duo as these are the ideal size for me to take while travelling and just so happens to be two of my favourite masks that always waken up my skin.

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