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Our Favorites
We take great pleasure in introducing you to 10 of our customer’s favourite Kiehl’s formulations. These products feature time and time again in our best-selling “iconic product” listings across all of our Kiehl’s stores in the UK* and we hope you enjoy them! * Please note, each store in the UK may have a slightly different “Top 10” based on their own customer’s preference & the time of year.
Our 10 customer’s favourite Kiehl’s formulations
This skin concentrate, containing Vitamin C, has been shown to improve skin appearance and texture as well as reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
- Line-reducing skin concentrate, containing 10.5% Vitamin C.
- Helps reduce the appearance of marionette lines from the corners of the mouth,
leading towards the chin.
- Improves the appearance of crows feet lines and wrinkles as well as Sub-orbital wrinkles in the eye area.
- Has been shown to improve skin appearance and texture.

Kiehl's first night-specific formulation works all night to replenish the skin with moisture and leave younger-looking, skin by morning. Try it and rest assured you can say goodnight to a tired-looking complexion! This replenishing elixir has already become a top hit with our patrons and taken the beauty world by storm!
- One night. Two drops. Younger-looking skin by morning.
- 99.8% Naturally Derived Ingredients
- Paraben-Free
- Replenishes skin with moisture
- Helps to recover radiance by morning

Inspired by our beloved Ultra Facial Moisturiser, this light-textured daily hydrator was expedition-tested by members of the “Greenland First Ascent” team whilst scaling the peaks of Earth’s largest island. The summiteers said they savoured their Ultra Facial Cream, and that it kept their skin hydrated throughout the day despite the cold, harsh conditions.
- Helps retain moisture within the skin, leaving skin feeling superbly hydrated
- Gives added protection for the skin in very cold, dry, or otherwise harsh climates
- Lightweight texture, 24 hour hydration

Our much-loved, super-enriched moisturising treatment for the body with Beta-Carotene for dry skin that needs extra care and moisture nourishment. It takes a little longer to soak in, but worth the wait! Since its birth more than 30 years ago, Creme de Corps has always been a favourite with almost 30 million ml produced a year! It is also known as “the secret backstage weapon”, being used on models’ legs to smooth and give high shine on the catwalk.
- Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and beautifully moisturised
- Thick, elegant, non-greasy formulation
- Works on extremely dry skin
- Lightweight version also available

A best-seller since its launch 3 years ago, this vitamin enriched moisturiser refreshes dull, fatigued skin. Great used as a morning wake-up call!
- Non-oily, light moisturiser suitable for all skin types
- Improve skin’s look and texture, especially for a sleep-deprived or over-worked appearance
- Helps skin resist the impact of environmental stress for a healthy, invigorated look.

Made with herbal extracts and flower petals, this effective toner is formulated for use on normal and oily skin types.
- Soothes and comforts skin
- Gently cleanses whilst balancing the skins natural oils
- Free from alcohol

Our Ultimate Strength Hand Salve contains a blend of botanical oils to soothe & moisturise skin. Did you know? This formula was created by special request! Construction labourers working near the flagship store in New York asked Kiehl’s to create a formulation for them that would protect their hands, but without leaving them greasy whilst doing their day-to-day job. Ultimate Strength Hand Salve was born!
-Thick, rich, Non-greasy formula that is instantly absorbed
-Forms a glove-like protective barrier against moisture loss
-Soothes, moisturises and conditions the skin
-Offers long lasting care and Helps repair the appearance of severe dryness caused by neglect or exposure to harsh elements

This skincare concentrate was developed in collaboration with leading dermatologists and has been clinically demonstrated* to improve the overall appearance of the eye area. This product is part of a range of advanced & highly effective skincare formulations that help to visibly improve the healthy appearance of the skin. Our Kiehl’s Customer Representatives would be happy to talk you through the range. * Based upon results shown in a dermatologist-controlled study.
-Reduce the appearance of under-eye dark circles, helping to brighten the overall eye area for a fresher appearance
-Reduces the appearance of wrinkles around the eye area

With this haircare range, as with all of our products, we use a recipe of tried and true (and often natural) ingredients that ensure high quality, efficacious formulations for our customers. In addition, we utilise only simple and efficient packaging since we believe it is important to concentrate our efforts and costs on the substance and quality of our products. We hope you will agree!
-Gentle yet rich and creamy shampoo
-Created for dry and damaged hair
-Ideal for hair weakened by overexposure to sun, chemical-processing, or excessive heat styling
-instantly leaves hair manageable, soft and supple without weighing it down

The eye are is especially prone to wrinkling because the skin is particularly delicate there. At Kiehl’s, we believe that the consistent use of a specially designed eye-are moisturised can protect and care for the delicate skin, keeping it hydrated and therefore improving it’s overall appearance.
-Rich and creamy non-migrating formula that delivers moisture to the delicate under eye area
-Gently protects the skin against external aggressors
-Prepared with Avocado Oil, for normal to dry skin types